What types of ads can I submit?

Registered users can submit 5 types of ads in any category. All ads expire in 30 days:
  1. Sell
  2. Auction
  3. Buy
  4. Exchange
  5. Gift

How do auctions work?

Registered users are able to participate in auctions in any category! Auction ads will have a bidding box for you to place your bid and a minimum bid value.

The winning bidder will receive a confirmation email at the end of the auction. Users can view all auctions/bids in their customer dashboard.

How can I promote an ad?

Once your ad is approved – promote it to get better visibility and sell/buy quicker! All ad promotions are done in your customer dashboard – click on “Your Ads" and select the promote icon on the ad you'd like to promote to view available options.

Types of promotions:

  1. Bump Up Ad (renew your ad and put it right back at the top of searches for another 30 days)
  2. Highlight Ad (stand out from the crowd for better visibility for 7,15, or 30 days)
  3. Top Ad (feature your ad at the top of searches for 7, 15, or 30 days)
  4. Urgent Ad (places an urgent ribbon on your ad for 7,15, or 30 days)
  5. Home Map Ad (places your ad directly on the Browse with Map page for 7,15, or 30 days)

Once you've selected your ads you'll proceed to the payment screen. Once the payment is cleared your promotion will be active. Promotion duration starts from the date payment is cleared and not from the request date.

What are promotion payment options and pricing?

Payment options include Mobile money/Zoona payments, bank transfers, as well as in-person payments at our Lusaka office. Details can be viewed on the payment screen in the customer dashboard.


Pricing for promotions:

Bump up ad (30 days): ZMW 150

Highlight ad: 7 days (ZMW 50) / 15 days (ZMW 100) / 30 days (ZMW 150)

Top ad: 7 days (ZMW 150) / 15 days (ZMW 300) / 30 days (ZMW 400)

Urgent ad: 7 days (ZMW 100) / 15 days (ZMW 200) / 30 days (ZMW 250)

Home Map ad: 7 days (ZMW 150) / 15 days (300) / 30 days (ZMW 400)

What can I do in the customer dashboard?

Your customer dashboard allows you to

– View all your ads and ad views

– Manage/ edit/ promote your ads

– Manage your user profile settings

– View your messages/conversations with potential buyers and sellers

– View your ad reviews as a buyer/seller

– View your saved favourite ads

– View auctions you've participated in

– View your orders and invoices

How can I contact an ad seller/buyer?

Phone numbers of ad owners can be viewed on the ad page.

Registered users are also able to communicated directly with ad owners on the platform's messaging system. You can view all your conversations in the customer dashboard.

How do reviews work?

We're trying to build a trusted classifieds community, free of spam and inappropriate ads! Reviews help us do this – higher reviewed sellers/buyers are more trusted and credible!

Once registered, you can be reviewed as buyer or seller. This can only be done by both parties once a conversation/message has been responded to on the platform.

Users are able to visit your profile to see your overall review, and view a complete list of your reviews.

Sellers are able to respond to reviews. Posted reviews cannot be changed.

How to report an ad?

All ads are screened to comply with our terms of use, posting guidelines, and privacy policy. However, if you feel an ad violates any of these policies – you are able to report ad on the ad page. 

What are the general posting rules?

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What are the rules for submissions on Wheninzambia.com?

We’re trying to build a safe, friendly and highly useful community for classifieds. Please visit our Terms of Use & Privacy Policy page for our full Terms of use, Privacy Policy, General Posting rules, and ads that can’t be posted on the site.

To use wheninzambia.com, you will need to comply with these terms.